Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What the French.. Toast!

Ok here is my latest list of things that GIND MY GEARS!

1. I worked my ASS OFF this year only to find out my company is not giving out merrit increases. Awesome.. shoot me and thankyouverymuch for the punch in the face!

2. I work with a complete idiot! (who doesn't right?) This woman is the most anoying person on the planet. She is older and due to retire at any moment. She has been here since Noah build the ark and is set in her ways so she cannot comprehend anything new. I could go on and on about this but I'm not going to let this jackass put me in a bad mood.

well I will have to post more later lol

Monday, October 12, 2009

Questions We Have October 2009

Some things have been bothering us Mischief Makers lately. We decided to post our questions, and if anyone knows the answer, please comment.

1) In the Kevin Rudolf song “Let It Rock”, when he says “I can dick ya up, I can dick ya down”, what does that mean??

2) Who saw duck/goose livers and decided “oh, hey, that would taste great smeared on a cracker!!”??

3) On the same note, who saw mushrooms growing out of POOP and decided “oh hey, that would taste great!!”??

4) Why do cats rule and dogs drool??

5) Why is Kanye West such a douchebag??

6) Why are guys so clueless??